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Intelligent folding arm jib crane

2019-08-14 09:11 click:419

The intelligent folding arm jib crane, also known as the intelligent folding arm crane, is a smart auxiliary lifting device commonly used in workshops. The intelligent cantilever crane is loaded with intelligent pneumatic hoist. When operating, the performance is stable and the safety is higher! The intelligent lifting device has a free speed control. This intelligent electric hoist can move synchronously with the operator and can move at the speed selected by the operator. It can be fast or slow, which is very suitable for those who sometimes need high speed operation in one load and sometimes A slow and precise operating environment is required. The intelligent lifting device can be used with aluminum alloy track system, cantilever crane and folding arm crane. It is usually used in automobile manufacturing, agricultural machinery, railway, home appliance, textile, sanitary ware, mold replacement and other industries.