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Clean Room Intelligent Jib Crane

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Clean room intelligent jib crane is an intelligent jib crane equipment used in clean room environment. It uses advanced technology and control systems to enable precise material handling and operations in clean rooms. It consists of a jib arm, a lifting mechanism, a control system and an intelligent control system.

The jib arm can be adjusted and positioned as needed to suit different handling tasks. The lifting mechanism can use different clamps or tools as needed to ensure safe and stable handling of materials. The control system can control the position, speed, strength and other parameters of the jib crane to ensure the accuracy and safety of the handling process. The intelligent control system can automatically adjust the operating parameters of the jib crane to adapt to different working environments and handling needs. At the same time, the intelligent control system can also collect and analyze the operating data of the jib crane to optimize the performance and efficiency of the jib crane.

Cleanroom intelligent jib crane


  ● The sealing design and air filtration system can effectively prevent dust, microorganisms and other pollutants from entering the interior of the jib crane, ensuring the environmental quality of the clean room.

  ● Equipped with sophisticated sensors and control systems, it can monitor and adjust the position, speed, strength and other parameters of the jib crane in real time to ensure the accuracy and stability of the handling process.

  ● Automated operations are realized through intelligent control systems, which can carry out automated handling according to preset process and task requirements, reducing manual intervention and operating errors.

  ● It can be equipped with different clamps and tools as needed, suitable for different types of material handling and operation tasks, and has strong adaptability and flexibility.

  ● It has multiple safety protection measures, such as overload protection, limit protection, power-off protection, etc., to ensure the safe operation of the jib crane during work.

  ● It can collect and analyze the operating data of the jib crane, provide operating status, fault diagnosis and maintenance suggestions, and realize remote monitoring and management of the jib crane.

Clean room smart jib cranes are widely used in laboratories such as pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, panels, solar photovoltaic manufacturing, microelectronics, biology, chemistry, physics, etc. In these industries, extremely low particle concentrations and related parameters (such as temperature, humidity, etc.) are required. and pressure) for production and assembly under control.

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