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100kg Column Clean Room Jib Crane

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Column clean room jib crane is a lifting equipment specially designed for clean room environment. It is mainly composed of columns, jibs, motors, lifting mechanisms, etc. The column is the supporting structure of the crane, usually made of materials such as stainless steel or aluminum alloy, which has good corrosion resistance and stability. The jib is a telescopic arm connected to the column, which can adjust the working range and height of the crane through rotation and telescopic adjustment to meet different lifting requirements. The electric motor provides the power of the crane and drives the lifting mechanism to realize lifting and moving operations.

Clean room jib crane


  ● The jib crane in the clean room can flexibly adjust the working range and height of the crane through the rotation and telescopic functions of the jib to maximize the use of the space in the clean room.

  ● It can be adjusted and changed according to actual needs to adapt to different lifting tasks and working environments. The swivel and telescopic function of the jib enables the crane to cover a wider working area and can adapt to lifting demands of different heights.

  ● Equipped with a simple and easy-to-use control system, the operator can easily control the operation and lifting operation of the crane through the control box or remote control. This makes the operation more convenient and efficient, and can reduce the consumption of manpower.

  ● Made of corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel or aluminum alloy, it has a smooth and dust-free surface, which can avoid secondary pollution. They are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of clean rooms and can effectively maintain the air quality and cleanliness in the clean room.

  ● Equipped with safety protection devices, such as limit switches, overload protection, etc., to ensure safety and reliability during the lifting process. In addition, the stability and load capacity of the crane have also been carefully designed and tested to ensure that there will be no accidents during its work.

Working principle

  ● Electric motor drive: The crane is powered by an electric motor, which is usually mounted on top of the column and connected to the jib by cables or rails.

  ● Jib Rotation: The electric motor drives the rotation of the jib so that the crane can move in the horizontal direction and cover the entire working area.

  ● Telescopic adjustment: The jib usually has a telescopic function, which can be telescopically adjusted by hydraulic or screw mechanism to meet the lifting needs of different heights.

  ● Lifting mechanism: The lifting mechanism is usually composed of a lifting motor, a lifting wire rope or a chain, and the lifting motor drives the lifting wire rope or chain through a transmission device to perform lifting operations. The hoisting wire rope or chain is connected to the wire rope wheel or sprocket, and the material is lifted and lowered by rotating around the wheel.

  ● Control system: The crane is equipped with a control system, which can control the operation and lifting operation of the crane through the control box or remote control, and the operator can control the rotation, telescopic and lifting actions of the crane as required.

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