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Cleanroom Cranes

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Clean room crane is a special lifting equipment, mainly used in environments with high cleanliness requirements, such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, food and other industries. Due to its special use environment and requirements, clean room cranes need to take a series of special measures during the design and manufacturing process to ensure that they can operate stably in environments with high cleanliness requirements and can effectively prevent dust and microorganisms of pollution.

Cleanroom suspension crane

Types of clean room cranes:

  ● Overhead cleanroom crane: Similar to a regular overhead crane, this type of equipment spans a cleanroom work area and is typically designed to be dustproof, sealed, and easy to clean.

  ● Suspended clean room crane: This type of crane is suspended from rails and can move horizontally and perform lifting operations vertically. They are also designed to avoid the impact of dust or particulate matter on the ground on the clean environment.

  ● Clean room crane: This is a crane specially designed for use in clean rooms or dust-free rooms. Its structure and material selection take into account the characteristics of dust prevention, easy cleaning and anti-static.

Composition structure:

  ● It needs to be installed on a special track and the material and processing accuracy of the track must meet the standards to ensure the smooth operation and accuracy of the equipment.

  ● Lifting devices are required, including hooks, pulleys, wire ropes and other components. These components need to have a certain load-bearing capacity and wear resistance to ensure the stability and life of the equipment.

  ● The control system is its core part, including controllers, sensors, motors and other components. The accuracy and reliability of the control system directly affect the performance and service life of the equipment.

  ● The shell uses special materials and processing techniques to ensure its sealing performance and corrosion resistance. At the same time, the shell also needs to consider the heat dissipation and sound insulation performance of the device.

Clean room light crane

Dust prevention measures for clean room cranes:

  ● The casing adopts a sealed design to prevent dust from entering the interior of the device. At the same time, the doors, windows and other parts of the equipment also need to be sealed to ensure the sealing performance of the equipment.

  ● Equipped with a high-efficiency air filter to filter the air entering the equipment to remove dust and microorganisms. The filtration efficiency of the filter needs to reach a certain standard to ensure the cleanliness of the equipment.

  ● Regular cleaning and maintenance is required to maintain its cleanliness. At the same time, the components inside the equipment also need to be cleaned and replaced regularly to ensure the performance and life of the equipment.

Product advantages:

  ● It can work under extremely high cleanliness requirements and effectively avoid dust and microbial contamination.

  ● The control system has high precision and good stability, and can achieve fast and accurate positioning and handling.

  ● Advanced design and manufacturing technology make it easy to maintain and have a long service life.

  ● Equipped with complete safety protection devices to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.

Clean room overhead crane

Clean room cranes are widely used in electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, semiconductor manufacturing, biotechnology and other fields. In these industries, the cleanliness requirements of the production environment are extremely high, and the use of clean room cranes can effectively improve production efficiency and product quality.

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