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Light Mobile Cleanroom Gantry Crane

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Light mobile clean room gantry crane is a kind of lifting equipment used in clean room, which consists of gantry frame, hoist and motor, which can be used to lift and move heavy objects in clean room.

Mobile cleanroom gantry crane

Clean room gantry crane detailed parameters:

  ● Lifting capacity: Lifting capacity refers to the maximum allowable lifting capacity of the hoisting machinery under normal conditions, represented by Q, and the unit is ton (t).

  ● Span: The distance between the centerlines of the two guide rails on the crawler of the bridge crane is called the crane span, represented by L, and the unit is m.

  ● Lifting height: The height of the stop point of the crane spreader relative to the jib head of the crane is called the lifting height of the crane, represented by h, and the unit is m.

  ● Working speed: Working speed refers to the number of working cycles completed by the elevator within a unit time, including the speed of lifting, running, boom lifting and turning.

  ● Walking speed: Walking speed refers to the walking speed of the hoist on the way, the unit is m/min.

  ● Control mode: including manual and electric.

  ● Operation mode: including ground control and remote control.

Features of mobile clean room gantry crane:

  ● Lifting equipment specially designed for clean environment, it handles and protects the parts that may generate dust, such as motors, chains, hooks, mobile motors, etc. Dust generated during operation to avoid polluting the working environment.

  ● Stainless steel, engineering plastics, nylon wheels and other wear-resistant materials are used to improve the service life and reliability of the crane, and reduce the loss and maintenance cost of the crane.

  ● It has the advantages of wide range of speed regulation, precise operation and low noise, which can meet different operation requirements and precision, and improve operation efficiency and safety.

  ● Equipped with telescopic organ cover, chain bag, cable collection box and other devices to seal and collect the dust generated during the operation of the crane to prevent external diffusion and better maintain the air cleanliness of the clean room.

Light mobile gantry crane

Benefits of cleanroom gantry cranes:

  ● It can lift heavy objects in the clean room to improve work efficiency.

  ● The mobile gantry design makes the operation of the equipment more flexible and convenient.

  ● Specification parameters can be customized according to different usage requirements to meet different work requirements.

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