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Chain Suspension Electric Load Turning Device

2022-01-14 02:13 click:1354

The chain suspension electric load turning device is a device used for turning materials on industrial production lines. It adopts chain transmission and electric drive. The turning mechanism can effectively solve various turning problems of enterprises, solve various problems encountered in the welding process of large workpieces, avoid vertical welding and overhead welding, effectively improve production efficiency, ensure safe production, and greatly reduce the turnover cost of the enterprise.

Chain suspension load turning device


  ● It can turn materials over quickly and accurately, improving the work efficiency of the production line.

  ● The equipment is equipped with reliable safety devices such as limit switches and emergency stop buttons to ensure the safety of operators and equipment.

  ● It can be adjusted according to the size and weight of materials to adapt to different production needs.

  ● Stable chain transmission and electric drive are adopted to ensure the smooth operation of the turning process.

  ● Able to carry heavier materials and provide stable turning operations.

  ● Equipped with a sophisticated control system, it can accurately control the turning angle and speed of materials.

Work process:

  ● Preparation work: The operator places the materials to be turned over on the suspension device and ensures the stability of the materials.

  ● Control operation: The operator controls the operation of the suspension turning machine through the control system, including starting, stopping, turning angle, etc.

  ● Turn over the material: Turn the material over according to the set angle and speed to complete the turning operation.

  ● Complete turning: After turning the material to the preset angle, the operator removes the material for subsequent processing.

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