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Clean room crane for microbiology laboratory

2022-06-21 03:25 click:727
The special clean room crane for microbiology laboratory has a higher standard for cleanliness than the general crane. The microbiological laboratory has high requirements for the environment. This special clean environment is called the special clean room, and the crane used is also called the clean crane.
Considering the environmental factors, the clean room crane usually adopts the double beam design, and the lifting equipment adopts the ring chain electric hoist. When selecting the above components, good wear-resistant materials shall be used, and some components shall not accumulate dust. In addition, proper periodic cleaning of access platforms should be considered.
  Clean room crane
Dust proof structure of crane in clean room of microbiology laboratory:
1. Prevent dust when using crane to carry heavy objects inside and outside the microbiology laboratory
2. Make use of the limited space outside to ensure the realization of the special model of the use space to a greater extent.
3. In order to prevent dust, stainless steel plates are laid on the wheel traveling surface; At the same time, the wheels and guide wheels are made of engineering plastics.
4. As for the lifting chain, a sheath device is used to prevent the tiny flakes from flying away.
The system integrates the technology of process, architecture, decoration, equipment automation and other aspects, and can meet the harsh requirements of the laboratory for the production environment and quality.
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