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Clean Room European Chain Hoist

2023-10-11 12:58 click:684

Clean room European chain hoist is a lifting equipment specially designed for clean room environment. It adopts a chain-type lifting mechanism, which can provide stable lifting capacity, and has a small size and simple structure, making it easy to install and operate. This kind of hoist is made of special materials with a smooth surface and will not produce dust, particles and other pollutants, ensuring a hygienic clean room environment. It can perform precise lifting and positioning operations in the clean room, improving work efficiency.

Clean room European chain hoists are equipped with a specialized control system that enables precise lifting and positioning operations. The operator can control the operation of the hoist through the control panel or remote control to achieve operations such as rising, falling, forward, and backward operations of the lifting object. In addition, the clean room chain hoist also has a high lifting capacity and can meet the needs of various lifting tasks in the clean room. It can be widely used in material handling, assembly, maintenance and other work in clean room environments such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, electronics, food, etc.

Structure and composition:

  ● Main structure: including upper and lower parts. The upper part usually consists of a motor, reducer, brake, walking mechanism, etc., which is used to provide lifting force and walking force. The lower part is mainly the lifting mechanism, including chain, sprocket, pulley, etc.

  ● Ring chain: The ring chain is the main component of the lifting mechanism. It is composed of multiple links connected together. The lifting objects are raised and lowered through the cooperation of sprockets and pulleys.

  ● Sprocket: The sprocket is one of the key components of the chain hoist. It transmits power to the chain through the operation of the motor and reducer, allowing the lifting object to move.

  ● Pulley: The pulley is used to guide the running direction of the chain and ensure the stable operation of the chain.

  ● Control system: European-style clean room chain hoists are equipped with a specialized control system, including electric control boxes, control panels, remote controls, etc. The operator can control the lifting, lowering, forward and backward actions of the hoist through the control system.

  ● Safety protection devices: In order to ensure the safety of operation, European clean room chain hoists are also equipped with various safety protection devices, such as limiters, overload protection devices, emergency stop buttons, etc.


  1. Clean and wear-resistant, does not produce dust, does not absorb dust, and is equipped with an anti-static design;

  2. Low failure rate and high operational reliability;

  3. Wide debugging range, accurate positioning, and rapid improvement;

  4. Ultra-low hanging style, which can increase the headroom;

  5. Surrounded by stainless steel shell and organ cover design, the overall appearance is beautiful and clean.

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