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Difference Between Cleanroom Cranes and General Industrial Crane

2024-04-23 13:31 click:285

KFCS supplies cranes for multiple applications. Crane’s capacity range from several kilograms to 200 tons. A cleanroom crane reduces the workload, increases the process speed and contributes to precise, predictable results. Do you know what's the difference between cleanroom crane and general industrial crane? Find the three points below.

Difference in Materials

Cleanroom cranes are designed for dust-free environments, using high-grade stainless steel or special anti-static materials, which have excellent dust-proof, anti-static and corrosion-resistant properties. The fine surface treatment reduces the generation of particles and ensures that it will not become a source of contamination in a clean room environment. In addition, some critical crane components may have special coatings to prevent corrosion in high humidity or chemical environments.

stainless steel overhead crane

General Industrial Crane: made of strong steel material and designed to carry heavy loads with an emphasis on durability rather than cleanliness. Although it is a sturdy and durable option, it may not be appropriate for environments that require strict control of particulates and chemicals.

Difference in Cost

Clean Room Crane: Clean room cranes are typically more expensive than general purpose cranes due to their unique design, specialized materials, and strict manufacturing process. They require additional dust protection measures and customized cleanroom components, all of which contribute to their higher cost. Regular cleaning and maintenance are also necessary and should be considered as part of their ongoing operating costs.

industrial overhead crane

General Industrial Crane: Relatively less expensive because their design and manufacturing process are more standardized and do not require specific cleanliness requirements. This makes standard industrial cranes more cost-effective where budgets are limited or cleanliness requirements are not high.

Difference in Applications

Cleanroom Cranes: Cleanroom cranes are indispensable in industries that have strict requirements for environmental cleanliness, such as semiconductor manufacturing, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, optics, aerospace, food, etc. They are used to handle sensitive raw materials, equipment and products, ensuring they are carried out in a dust-free environment to avoid particulate contamination and ensure product quality.

cleanroom mobile gantry crane

General Industrial Crane: Widely used in many fields such as construction, logistics, manufacturing, etc., including hoisting of heavy equipment, material handling, etc. They are adaptable to different environments and can perform a variety of tasks. However, it is important to note that they may not be appropriate for use in environments with extremely high cleanliness requirements. 

cleanroom hoist

To sum up, there are significant differences between clean room cranes and general cranes regarding the materials they use, the costs involved, and the fields of application. Clean room cranes are designed to meet the specific requirements of high-demand industries with their professionalism and ability to control cleanliness. On the other hand, general industrial cranes have become the preferred option for many industrial environments due to their versatility and affordability. When making a choice between these two types of cranes, it is essential to consider your specific work environment, budget, and production needs.

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