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European Standards Electric Wire Rope Hoist

2024-01-30 09:24 click:638

The European electric hoist is a new product designed according to the European FEM and DIN standards using advanced technology. This electric hoist is an environment-friendly and energy-saving product. It can lift heavy weights and can be installed on a single beam crane, linear or curve strander beams. The hoist is also suitable for use on a double beam, gourd gantry crane or cantilever crane. It is a lightweight lifting equipment that is widely used in various industries such as mining, railways, docks, and warehouses.

1. Full frequency conversion control, double-speed output, millimeter accuracy.
2. Hook 0 displacement at horizontal direction, rapid positioning.
3. Modern integration design, combine motor together with fan, reducer, rope drum and brake, compact structure.
4. Optimum cooling with good cooling performance, cooling is improved up by 30%, resistant to a temperature rise of 170 ℃.
5. Epoxy zinc-rich painting for one bottoms and two sides of 120μm thick, to achieve a long lifespan, beautiful appearance and good luster.

European electric hoist

1. Compact structure, small headroom size, make full use of plant space.
2. Modular design and flexible combination.
3. Low-noise gearing design, silent operation.
4. High energy efficiency motor combined with gear reducer can achieve low energy consumption and high torque output.
5. High precision automatic adjustment of electromagnetic brake to achieve fast, low noise and reliable braking.
6. Wire rope with high strength and flexibility can achieve greater lifting breaking tension.
7. High strength alloy wheel set for longer life.

European Type Electric Hoist
Designed according to European standards, our European type electric hoist can reach maximum load capacity to 132 tonnes. And its available in special designs in various configurations. Anti-sway system helps to balance the hoist and ensure the hoisting safe. With our European type electric hoist, handling operations will be easy and efficient. Large load capacities, openings, and hook paths, as well as low headroom and standard headroom electric hoist are all available for your choice.

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