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How to distinguish the quality of polyurethane elevator rollers

2020-03-06 02:30 click:762

How to judge the quality of polyurethane elevator rollers?
Nowadays, polyurethane is not only used in some industrial production equipment, but also in electrical appliances such as elevator rollers. However, if you want to obtain excellent results, you must know the pros and cons of polyurethane elevator rollers. Here are some tips on how to distinguish the quality of polyurethane elevator rollers? When choosing polyurethane elevator rollers, observing the appearance is a direct way, because the quality of the product can be distinguished from the flatness, exquisiteness, and color purity of the roller surface. Moreover, high-quality polyurethane elevator rollers must be moderately rigid and flexible, that is, they must have good elasticity and toughness, so that they are not fragile. In addition, look at the quality of the polyurethane elevator rollers, depending on its texture. The high-quality polyurethane elevator roller system is relatively uniform; then look at the hole opening rate of the rollers. These two factors will directly affect the efficiency of the roller!

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