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Small portable gantry crane

2022-02-17 11:19 click:757
Small portable gantry crane for product description
This small gantry crane is used together with electric hoists.KFCS small gantry crane is a track travelling small and medium-sized crane. Its rated lifting capacity is 3 to 16 ton. The standard span of this small gantry crane is 12 to 30 meters. Its standard working temperature is -20℃~+40℃.
This small gantry crane is a general crane, which is widely used in open ground and warehouses to grab materials. The control methods of this small gantry crane are ground control and cabin control.
1.Because Safe Driving Cranes ride on the ground rather than on overhead runways,they don't require a runway structure.
2.Nor do they usually require concrete foundations.
3.Their installation is fast and simple.
4.Depending on the environment and application, Safe Driving Cranes can sometimes provide the same material handling capabilities as a comparable bridge crane system, but with a significant cost savings.
5.Simple and compact structure
6.light weight
7.steady performance
8.easy maintenance
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