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Intelligent cantilever crane

2022-03-15 04:47 click:639

The intelligent balancer carried by the cantilever crane is also called the intelligent balancer. The intelligent electric balancer can automatically judge to enter the automatic suspension function. At this time, the load can be moved without resistance, which is more labor-saving, especially suitable for repeated handling and labor-intensive occasions. , is composed of servo drives, servo motors, reducers, sensors and related structural parts and is controlled by microprocessors. It is an ergonomic intelligent material handling lifting tool with easy operation, high precision, intelligence and controllable speed. and safety and reliability.

Intelligent cantilever cranes are mainly used in automobile manufacturing, aerospace, energy industry, natural gas and petroleum industry, mechanical processing equipment maintenance, lithium battery module assembly, steel cord handling, highly repetitive handling work, product parts assembly, mold and Tools, warehouse loading docks, and other industries.
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