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Maintenance requirements for DRS traveling wheel box

2022-08-24 02:14 click:1353
DRS traveling wheel has high tensile strength, overall quenching and tempering, surface high-frequency quenching and wear resistance. Its designed service life can reach ten years. DRS traveling wheel box is a key component of the traveling mechanism of the crane, and is an important equipment that supports the load of the crane and makes the crane run repeatedly on the track. It is mainly composed of wheels and shafts, bearings and bearing housings. Its quality has a great impact on the crane. Therefore, when using DRS wheels, safety operation requirements must be made.
DRS traveling wheel box
DRS traveling wheel box maintenance requirements:
1. Check the wheel wear of DRS traveling wheel box;
2. Ensure that the inclination of the wheel in the vertical direction is not more than 1mm.
3. Ensure that the center plane of the wheel position width of the wheel box is consistent with the symmetry center of the two bearing boxes;
4. Ensure that the bearing surfaces of the two bearing housings are parallel to the center surface of the wheel width, and the deviation is not more than 0.07mm;
5. If the rolling surface of the wheel of the DRS traveling wheel box is unevenly worn or uneven due to fatigue peeling, the wheel shall be replaced;
6. Check whether the DRS traveling wheel box wheel and shaft fit well;
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