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Lightweight Mobile Gantry Crane

2022-03-03 03:56 click:843

Simple portable gantry is also called simple mobile gantry crane. The gantry is mainly composed of beams, columns, chassis, guide beams and fulcrums. It is used as a bracket for lifting equipment. Simple mobile hoisting gantry is a new type of small hoisting gantry developed by our company according to the daily production needs of middle and factory (company) for handling equipment, warehouse in and out, hoisting and repairing heavy equipment and material transportation.

The width and height can be set by yourself, and the steel frame structure is reasonably designed, which can bear the weight from 100 to 5000KG. When erecting and dismantling, there are always two stand and house in one, and the work is rated as stable, safe and reliable. It is labor-saving and low-cost during erection and disassembly.

It is suitable for manufacturing molds, auto repair factories, mines, construction sites and occasions where lifting is required. The biggest advantage of this mobile gantry is that it can be moved in all directions, can be quickly disassembled and installed, and has a small footprint. It can be transferred to another site for installation with a miniature car.

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