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The Difference Between European Electric Hoist and Ordinary Hoist

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European electric hoist is a kind of mechanical equipment used for hoisting and carrying heavy objects. It adopts electric drive and is usually composed of motor, gear box, wire rope, hook and other components. European electric hoist has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation, safety and reliability. It is widely used in industrial production, construction sites, warehousing and logistics and other fields, and can meet the lifting needs of different scenarios. The lifting weight range is usually between 0.5 tons and 20 tons.

European electric wire rope hoist

European electric hoists can be divided into two types: single beam hoists and double beam hoists according to their structural forms. Single girder hoists are usually used on single girder cranes, with the advantages of simple structure and easy operation; double girder hoists are used on double girder cranes, with larger carrying capacity and suitable for hoisting large objects.

Features of European electric hoist

  ● It adopts European advanced motor and transmission technology and has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving. Compared with traditional ordinary hoists, European electric hoists have faster lifting speeds and higher work efficiency.

  ● Use the remote control or handle to operate, the operation is simple and convenient. At the same time, the European electric hoist also has functions such as automatic positioning and intelligent control, which greatly improves operating accuracy and safety.

  ● The structure design is reasonable, and the parts adopt modular design to facilitate disassembly and maintenance. At the same time, key components such as the European electric hoist's motor and reducer also adopt long-life designs, reducing maintenance costs and time.

  ● It has complete safety protection functions, such as overload protection, overspeed protection, broken rope protection, etc. In addition, European electric hoists are also equipped with safety devices such as emergency stop devices and anti-collision devices to ensure the safety of operators.

Wire rope hoist

The difference between European electric hoist and ordinary hoist

  ● The appearance design of European style electric hoists is more compact and beautiful, while ordinary hoists are relatively bulky.

  ● European electric hoists have faster lifting speeds and higher working efficiency, while ordinary hoists have slower lifting speeds and lower working efficiency.

  ● European electric hoists are usually operated with a remote control or handle, which is simple and convenient to operate, while ordinary hoists require manual pulling of ropes to operate, and the operation method is relatively backward.

  ● The parts of the European electric hoist adopt a modular design, which facilitates disassembly and repair, reducing maintenance costs. However, the maintenance costs of ordinary hoists are relatively high.

  ● European electric hoists have complete safety protection functions to ensure the safety of operators, while the safety performance of ordinary hoists is relatively low.

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