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European Type Wire Rope Electric Hoist

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European type wire rope electric hoist is a kind of light and small lifting equipment with wire rope as the spreader. It is widely used in the market. It is a new type of electric hoist produced by combining advanced European technology and the characteristics of electric hoists in my country, so it is called European electric hoist. It is mainly composed of motors, reducers, wire ropes, lifting hooks, etc. The quality is higher than that of domestic electric hoists, and it is a representative product of my country's advanced electric hoists.

Wire rope electric hoist


  ● Motor: The European type wire rope electric hoist uses a motor as the power source, usually a three-phase AC motor or a DC motor. The motor drives the reducer to work through the transmission device to realize the lifting operation.

  ● Reducer: The reducer is a device that converts the high-speed rotation of the motor into the low-speed rotation of the lifting mechanism. It reduces the speed of the hoisting mechanism and increases the torque of the hoisting mechanism, allowing the crane to have greater lifting capacity.

  ● Steel wire rope: The steel wire rope is the main lifting part of the lifting mechanism. It is composed of multiple strands of steel wire and has the characteristics of high strength and wear resistance. The wire rope is wound on the wire rope wheel to realize the lifting and lowering of the material.

  ● Lifting hook: The lifting hook is a device used to connect and hang materials. It is usually made of high-strength steel and has a load-bearing capacity and a safety locking device to ensure the safety of materials during lifting.

  ● Control system: European type wire rope electric hoists are usually equipped with a control system, which can control the operation and lifting operation of the hoist through a control box or remote control. The operator can control the lifting, lowering, forward, backward and other actions of the hoist according to the needs.


  ● The steel wire rope is used as the lifting part. The steel wire rope has the characteristics of high strength and wear resistance, and can carry a large weight, which is suitable for lifting heavy materials.

  ● It is usually equipped with a simple and easy-to-use control system, which can conveniently control the lifting, lowering, forward, and backward actions of the hoist through the control box or remote control. The operator can remotely control the operation of the hoist to improve the convenience and efficiency of operation.

  ● Equipped with safety devices, such as overload protection, limit switches, etc., which can ensure safety and reliability during the lifting process. In addition, the structure design of the hoist is reasonable, it has stable lifting performance, and can bear a large working load.

  ● The structure is relatively simple, and the maintenance and maintenance are more convenient. Under normal circumstances, it is only necessary to carry out regular lubrication and inspection to ensure the normal operation of the hoist. In addition, the replacement of the wire rope is relatively easy, which can prolong the service life.

  ● There are many different specifications and models to choose from to suit different lifting needs. According to the requirements of lifting capacity, lifting height and control mode, you can choose the appropriate electric hoist model.

European electric hoist

European type wire rope electric hoists are widely used in industry, construction, storage and other fields for lifting and moving heavy objects. It has the advantages of large lifting capacity, convenient operation, safety and reliability, and is suitable for various lifting tasks and working environments. At the same time, the European type wire rope electric hoist has a simple structure, easy maintenance, and a long service life.

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