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DRS wheel Range

2022-12-27 14:43 click:734
  DRS walking wheel box system widely used, which are widely used in crane accessories.DRS wheel set as a well-known brand, quality assured, wheel set of durable.Has the following features:
1. The excellent performance and the maximum load
2. Can provide many standardized walking wheel and customized design
3. Provide 4 kinds of connection is the highest department structure choice
4. High quality shell provides the best protection for walking wheel and bearings
5. High hardness
6. Options can be directly connected
7. The laser calibration system can be used for multiple unit to walk walk round box
Walking demag trunk perfect solution:
1. With demag modular reduction motor drive system of perfect combination of form a complete unit
2. As a result of special reinforcement, high rigidity
3. Compact system design, the walking wheel box has high ground clearance
4. Provide all kinds of specifications and design level and buffer guide wheel
DRS wheel range

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