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Clean room crane

2022-12-27 09:55 click:1019

Clean room crane to hoist as a hoisting mechanism, simple structure, good safety performance, easy maintenance, effectively improve the lifting height.

Specially used for clean demanding industrial clean room, biological clean room. Clean room is also a special clean room, usually requires a high degree of cleanliness, does not allow a lot of dust. Indoor generally white tone-based. 
Clean room cranes combine technology, construction, decoration, equipment automation, and many other technologies, mainly to meet the electronics, pharmaceuticals, bio-engineering, medical, laboratory and other areas of the production environment and quality. Harsh requirements. Compared with the crane used in other industries, clean room crane with clean, wear-resistant, low failure rate, speed range, positioning accuracy and other key features. Therefore, the clean room crane is to ensure that such as liquid crystal panels, photovoltaic, microelectronics, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals and other high environmental requirements of the industry only necessary conditions for mass production.


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