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Clean Room Electric Belt Hoist

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Clean room electric belt hoist is a special type of electric hoist, which is suitable for clean room environments. The main body of this hoist is made of stainless steel and adopts a completely sealed drive structure. Its surface is treated with anti-static and anti-corrosion treatments, and it also has high permeability, adhesion, chemical resistance, and non-pollution.

Clean room belt hoist

Composition structure:

  ● Electric hoist body: located in the dust cover, the surface of the sprocket is nickel plated.

  ● Stainless steel overall dust cover: Special sealing protection is provided for the hoist body and chain to prevent dust from leaking.

  ● Retractable bellows: The chain is located inside the telescopic bellows.

  ● Chain: connects the electric hoist body and the lower hook to facilitate lifting heavy objects. The surface of the chain is nickel-plated.

  ● Stress-bearing structural parts: including main beams, end beams, small frames and other components. They are made of ordinary carbon steel, sprayed with anti-static paint, and equipped with electrostatic release devices; the connecting bolts are made of stainless steel.

  ● Large and small car running tracks: They are made of stainless steel, which improves their wear resistance and anti-corrosion properties and minimizes dust particles generated by friction between the nylon wheels and them.

  ● Power supply device for large and small vehicles: all power supply cables are wear-resistant cables.

Product advantages:

  ● Surrounded by a stainless steel shell and with an accordion cover design, the overall appearance is beautiful and clean, does not produce dust, does not attract dust, and prevents dust pollution.

  ● It has the characteristics of low failure rate, high operational reliability, long maintenance-free period, wide speed adjustment range, accurate positioning and rapid improvement.

  ● The ultra-low-slung style can increase the headroom and provide a larger working space for crane operators.

  ● The use of low-noise motors and vibration-absorbing devices makes the noise generated during operation very low and will not affect the quiet environment in the clean room.

  ● It has flexible control performance and can achieve precise operations such as lifting, lowering, and forward and backward movement.

  ● Simple structure, easy to clean and maintain.

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