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DRS500 wheel block manufacturer

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DRS500 wheel block manufacturer,we are china DRS wheel manufacturer,DRS 500 As a key component of the crane travel mechanism, the wheel set is used to support the load of the crane and to make the crane run repeatedly on the track. It is mainly composed of wheels and shafts, bearings and bearing housings. Its quality is very important to the crane. DRS wheelboxes are the most widely used and come in a wide range of diameters to meet your needs.

Housings ready for direct connection to superstructures
Simple connection to superstructures thanks to tight design and position tolerances of the housing and precise geometry in all planes
Laser alignment system for simple and precise alignment of the wheel blocks
Simple wheel replacement without the need for re-alignment of top connection thanks to patented asymmetrical housing
Wheel blocks can also be moved and aligned laterally after they have been installed in hollow sections and beams (for top, end and pin connection arrangements)
DRS500 wheel rang manufacturer
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