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5 Ton Floor Mounted Jib Crane for Sale

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A freestanding jib crane, also known as a floor-mounted jib crane, is a type of crane that is not attached to a building's structure or support columns. It is a standalone lifting device that is installed directly on the floor or foundation. The floor mounted jib crane consists of a vertical mast or column, a horizontal boom or jib arm, and a hoist or lifting mechanism.


Free standing jib cranes can be installed almost anywhere, including outside. These foundation-mounted, freestanding jibs offer higher capacities, longer spans, and greater rotation than our wall-mounted jib cranes.

• Freestanding column allows 360 degree boom rotation in working

• Spacious: no gussets, freeing up the area at the foot of the mast

• Square steel plate comes welded to bottom of mast

• The plate positions and plumbs the mast by anchoring it to the first-pour concrete footing

• The second-pour supports the mast

In addition, KFCS offer custom lifting solutions of jib crane, just send us your requirement, including the capacity, lifting height and radius length, etc. Our technical support team will provide a satisfied solution for you. There are lot of material options for your choice.

articulating jib crane


• Taglines: KFCS provides personalized taglines for lifting equipment.

• Rotation stops: When the angle of rotation is less than 360 degrees, the rotation stops to limit flexibility.

• Motorized rotation: Electric motors power lifting and rotation for safe movement in specific areas.

A jib crane mounted on the floor is a versatile and effective solution for transporting and lifting loads within a specific area. It is highly valuable in various industries, including manufacturing, warehouses, workshops, and construction sites.

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