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Clean Room Column Jib Crane

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The clean room column type jib crane is a column type crane used in the clean room environment. The clean column crane is also called a clean single-arm crane, a clean jib crane, etc. The biggest feature of this crane is that it occupies a small space, light in weight, and has a large span. Heavy. The main function is to hoist and suspend equipment, tools and materials in the clean room. Since the clean room requires high air quality and does not allow the existence of dust and particles, special equipment is required during the hoisting process to ensure that the environment in the clean room is not polluted.

Clean room jib crane


  ● It can carry a large weight and can safely hoist and hang equipment, tools and materials in the clean room.

  ● The column is fixed on the ground, does not occupy the space in the clean room, and can maximize the use of the space in the clean room.

  ● The cantilever can rotate 360 degrees, and can be adjusted and positioned according to the needs of hoisting, which is convenient for operators to operate.

  ● The structure is stable, and it is made of high-strength materials, which can ensure the safety of the hoisting process.

  ● The design of the jib crane takes into account the requirements of the clean room, avoiding the pollution of the clean room environment by dust and particles generated during the hoisting process.

  ● The control system is simple and easy to use, and the operator can easily master the operation skills.

The overall introduction of the jib crane

  ● Structural composition: clean room column jib crane is composed of column, cantilever, suspension equipment and control system. The columns are fixed to the ground and cantilevered across the ground to form a suspended hoisting area.

  ● Suspension equipment: Suspension equipment includes cranes, electric hoists or chain hoists, etc., which are used to lift and suspend various equipment, tools or materials.

  ● Control system: The column jib crane in the clean room is equipped with a control system for controlling the operation and operation of the cantilever. The control system usually includes button switches, electric control boxes and cables.

  ● Operating principle: When hoisting or suspension operations are required, the operator activates the suspension equipment through the control system to make it lift or lower. At the same time, the cantilever can be rotated 360 degrees through the control system in order to accurately hang equipment, tools or materials to the target position.

  ● Safety protection: The column jib crane in the clean room is usually equipped with safety devices, such as limiters, heavy-duty protectors and power-off protectors, etc., to ensure the safety and reliability of the operation.

The column jib crane in the clean room has the characteristics of strong load-bearing capacity, high space utilization rate, flexible operation, safety and reliability, environmental protection and easy operation, and is suitable for hoisting requirements in various clean rooms.

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