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Slewing Pillar Jib Crane

2022-03-17 03:04 click:1681

slewing pillar jib craneThe slewing pillar jib crane has been designed for freestanding installation on the building floor. 

A jib crane is a type of crane that consists of a horizontal boom(jib) that is attached to a pivoting vertical mast r support pillar. The jib can rotate horizontally, allowing the crane to lift and move loads in a circular area.

Do you know how to choose a right jib crane to help your work? There are mainly four types jib crane you need to know.

• Floor-mounted jib craens are securely mounted to the floor, offering stability and a wide range of motion. It can rotate a full 360 degrees.

• Wall-mounted jib craens attach directly to a wall or vertical structure. They are ideal for applicationwhere space is limited.

• Wall traveling jib cranes can travel along the length of the rail to reach different work areas.

• Articulated jib crane has a multi-section arm, these sections can be telescoped or articulated to reach obstacles and hard to reach areas.

The slewing jib crane can be rotated to 270 or 360 and can be designed according to your actual need. As a Chinese supplier of cantilever cranes, KFCs has a decade of experience in manufacturing jib cranes. We strives to meet the needs of customers. Contact us today!

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