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Steel Structure Chain Load Turning Device

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Chain load turning device is a device used to turn goods, usually used on industrial production lines. It uses a chain system to hang and flip cargo, and is often used to transfer cargo from one direction to another, or to change the orientation of cargo. This equipment is usually supported by a strong steel frame to which a chain system and flipping device are mounted. The goods are suspended on the chain and then turned over by a turning device to achieve specific processing or assembly needs on the production line.

Chain load turning device

The working principle of flipping steel structure parts:

  ● Suspended items: First, the steel structural members are suspended from a chain system. Steel structural members are often securely fastened to chains using specially designed suspension devices to ensure that items do not slip or move during the flipping process.

  ● Chain drive: A chain system driven by an electric motor or hydraulic system moves suspended steel structural members along the track of the equipment to the flip position.

  ● Turning action: Once the object reaches the turning position, the turning mechanism is activated. This usually involves a mechanical device or hydraulic system that rotates a chain system along a specific track or axis, causing the suspended steel structure to perform a flipping action.

  ● Safety: During the entire flipping process, the equipment is usually equipped with safety sensors and emergency stop devices to ensure the safety of operators and equipment.

  ● Restoration position: Once the flipping is complete, the chain system moves the suspended steel structural member to the desired position where subsequent processing or assembly processes can continue.


  ● It is suitable for goods of various shapes and sizes, including steel structural parts, metal products, wood, etc., and has strong versatility.

  ● The turning process is usually fast and efficient, which can quickly complete the turning of goods on the production line and improve production efficiency.

  ● The well-designed chain load turning device can provide highly precise turning action to ensure the stability and accuracy of the goods during the turning process.

  ● Modern chain load turning devices are usually equipped with multiple safety protection devices, including emergency stop buttons, safety sensors, etc., to ensure the safety of operators and equipment.

  ● Due to the generally strong steel structure and reliable transmission system, chain load turning devices have high reliability and durability.

  ● It can be integrated with automated production lines to realize automated handling and turning processes and improve the overall automation level of the production line.

  ● Some chain load turning device designs have a certain degree of flexibility and can be adjusted and customized according to different production needs.

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