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Clean Room Crane for Pharmaceutical Industry

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Clean room crane is lifting equipment specifically designed for use in cleanroom environments. Clean rooms are usually used in situations that have strict requirements on air quality and environmental conditions, such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, electronic device production and other fields. Cleanroom cranes must meet these highly clean environment requirements and be able to safely and reliably handle cargo and lift operations.

Clean room crane

Clean room crane applications in the pharmaceutical industry

  ● Raw material handling: In the pharmaceutical process, raw materials need to be transported, and clean room cranes can safely and reliably transport raw materials in a clean room environment to ensure the purity and quality of raw materials.

  ● Production equipment installation: Production equipment in clean rooms needs to be installed and maintained. Clean room cranes can be used to install, adjust and maintain production equipment in a clean room environment.

  ● Product packaging: In the pharmaceutical process, clean room cranes can be used to transport and stack product packaging to ensure that the products are not contaminated during the packaging process.

  ● Waste treatment: A certain amount of waste will be generated during the pharmaceutical process. Clean room cranes can be used to transport and process waste to ensure that the waste does not pollute the clean room environment.


  ● Features an enclosed design to prevent dust, particles and other contaminants from entering the clean room environment.

  ● The lightweight structural design reduces the impact of the crane itself on the clean room environment.

  ● Considering the possible impact of static electricity on the clean room environment and product quality, clean room cranes usually adopt anti-static designs to reduce the generation and accumulation of static electricity.

  ● The surfaces of clean room cranes are typically made of smooth materials that are easy to clean and do not generate particles or debris.

  ● Design and manufacturing need to comply with relevant cleanliness standards and requirements to ensure their suitability in a clean room environment.

  ● A double protection system is adopted to ensure the safety and reliability of the lifting operation.

The pharmaceutical industry uses clean room cranes to ensure the cleanliness of the production environment, ensure drug quality, and improve production efficiency. These factors are very important to the pharmaceutical industry.

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