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KITO clean room Electric hoist

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clean room electric hoist
KITO clean room products take advantage of the technologies and expertise we’ve developed and accumulated through the development of our general materials oriented equipment—equipment that is designed for specific environments, meets strict standards, and has been tried and tested by the market Our lineup of equipment can handle everything from small loads to large volume loads, and includes cranes, electric chain hoists, rope hoists, lever blocks, chain hoists, and more.
Once a crane is delivered and in service, it is a semi-permanent installation, not unlike a major element of a building’s construction. As such, we go the extra mile to understand the details of the crane’s intended use and conditions, so that we can propose an installation that suits each of the client’s needs. We also offer long-term post-installation support that includes after-sales service and comprehensive component supply.
KITO develops hoisting equipment customized for environments where dust and oil must be contained*1 and has a proven record of providing equipment that is suitable for use in clean rooms*2 around the world.
*1 Semiconductor industry, electrical and electronics industry, precision machinery industry, precision printing industry, precision machining industry, etc.
*2 As stipulated in JIS Z 8122: Spaces in which airborne particles are controlled at levels below the restricted cleanness level, and additionally where the materials, chemicals, and water supplied to this space are also maintained at the required cleanness, and when required the environmental conditions in the space, including temperature, humidity, and pressure, are also controlled.

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