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180° Chain Load Turning Device

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The chain load turning device is a kind of equipment used to turn over materials or workpieces. It is generally used with a crane. It can not only move the turning machine, but also lift the workpiece to mid-air for turning. It is easy to use and easy to operate.

Chain load turning device


  ● Chain turners typically employ a chain conveyor system to convey materials or workpieces. The chain conveyor system consists of a transmission chain and a conveying plate, through which materials or workpieces are transported. The chain conveyor system has stable transportation performance and can adapt to different types, sizes and weights of materials.

  ● The turning device is the core part of the chain load turning device, which is used to realize the turning of materials or workpieces. The turning device is usually composed of a driving device, a turning mechanism and a fixing device.

  ● The driving device is powered by a motor or a hydraulic system to drive the turning mechanism to perform turning operations.

  ● According to the design requirements, the turning mechanism can realize 180-degree turning by rotating or tilting. Common overturning mechanisms include hydraulic overturning mechanisms, electric overturning mechanisms, etc.

  ● Turning devices are usually equipped with fixtures to hold materials or workpieces and keep them stable during the turning process.

  ● The chain load turning device is equipped with a control system, which can be controlled by the control panel or computer to realize the setting of the start, stop and turning angle of the turning machine. The control system can be adjusted and controlled according to actual needs to adapt to different turning operations.

Advantages of chain load turning device

  1. It can be flipped at different angles and adjusted according to actual needs. 180 degrees, 90 degrees or other specific angle flip operations can be realized.

  2. Suitable for materials or workpieces of different types, sizes and weights. By adjusting the turning mechanism and control system, different turning needs can be met.

  3. It can quickly and accurately complete the turning operation, improving the processing speed and production efficiency of materials or workpieces.

  4. Auxiliary grooved wheels and slings can be replaced for special workpieces, so that the workpiece can be turned without hoisting traces.

  5. The use of this device can improve the turning efficiency and greatly reduce the cost for the user.

The chain load turning device realizes the turning of materials or workpieces through the chain conveying system and turning device. It has the characteristics of adjustable turning angle, strong adaptability, easy operation, safety and reliability. It is widely used in logistics, packaging, automobile production lines and other fields to improve production efficiency and save labor costs.

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