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Universal bridge crane

2022-12-27 09:57 click:780
  Universal bridge crane is designed and manufactured on the basis of satisfying the technical standard of "universal bridge crane". It is suitable for handling, casting and melting molten metal work and handling, handling materials and table molds.
The product weight from 5t, 10t, 16 / 3.2t, 20 / 5t, 32 / 5t, 50 / 10t, the span of 7.5 ~ 31.5m, the working level of A7 level.
Universal bridge crane main features:
1. This machine is composed of box bridge, cart run, trolley part and electrical system. Its basic structure is the same as QD general purpose overhead traveling crane.
2. H-class insulation metallurgical lifting special motor.
3. Lifting mechanism is equipped with two sets of independent working brake (dual brake), and install the weight limiter and double rise limiter.
4. The use of cast steel pulley and high temperature wire rope.
5. If necessary, the bridge structure for heat treatment. The electrical equipment to take anti-dust and high temperature protection treatment.

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