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Application of Double Girder Trolley Hoist in Paper Mill

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The double girder trolley hoist is a type of lifting hoist mainly used in industrial environments such as paper mills for material handling and lifting. It consists of two parallel and equal-height columns and a beam. The hoist is suspended below the beam, which can realize the lifting and horizontal movement of materials. The double girder trolley hoist has the characteristics of high efficiency, stability, safety and reliability, and is widely used in various industrial production fields.

In paper mills, double girder trolley hoists are mainly used for handling, loading and unloading of pulp, paper and other materials. Since the production line of the paper mill is long, materials need to be transported and transferred between different stations. The double girder trolley hoist can complete these tasks quickly and accurately, improving production efficiency. In addition, the double girder trolley hoist also has high safety performance and stability, which can ensure safety and stability during material handling and avoid the risk of accidents during the production process.

Electric trolley hoist

Components of double girder trolley hoist

  ● Hook: used for mounting and lifting materials, usually made of high-strength steel to ensure the strength and durability of the hook.

  ● Chain: Made of high-strength steel, it has high load-bearing capacity and durability, ensuring the stability and reliability of the hoist.

  ● Reducer: used to reduce the speed and increase the torque, so that the hoist can easily lift and move materials.

  ● Motor: drives the reducer and chain to realize the lifting and horizontal movement of materials.

  ● Control switch: used to control the start, stop and direction of the hoist. The operation is simple and convenient.

  ● Suspension device: The hoist is suspended on the double girder. By adjusting the position of the suspension device, material handling at different heights and angles can be achieved.

Advantages of double girder trolley hoist

  ● Using advanced transmission system and motor technology, it has high lifting and horizontal movement speeds, improving the efficiency of material handling.

  ● It has a stable structure and can operate stably in various harsh working environments, ensuring the continuity and stability of production.

  ● Adopting strict quality control and safety protection measures, it has high safety performance and reliability, reducing the possibility of accidents.

  ● The structure is simple and compact, which facilitates daily maintenance and maintenance and reduces maintenance costs.

  ● It can be customized according to different working environments and needs, and has strong adaptability and flexibility.

Wire rope trolley hoist

Design features of trolley hoist

  ● It adopts optimized structural design, has high load-bearing capacity and stability, and can meet the needs of various material handling.

  ● Adopting humanized design, the operation is simple and convenient, which reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves work efficiency.

  ● Using advanced motor technology and energy-saving control system, it has low energy consumption and noise, and meets the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection.

  ● Each component is made of high-strength materials and undergoes strict quality control and durability testing to ensure a long service life.

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