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Daily maintenance points about laboratory clean room cranes

2022-01-12 02:02 click:715
Daily maintenance points about laboratory clean room cranes
1. Regular oiling work for pulleys
The pulley part of the laboratory clean room crane will be stuck after running for a long time. This is due to the excessive friction between the gears and the gears, which causes the surface to be uneven. It is no longer as smooth and smooth as when it was just purchased. Therefore, it is necessary to Special lubricating oil is lubricated to reduce the friction between the gears and increase the fit of the pulley, so as to perform its proper function normally.
Second, the daily inspection work of the telescopic hanging line
As the key part of the laboratory clean room crane, the function of the telescopic suspension wire cannot be ignored, but the long-term rise and fall, the gravity generated by the external weight on the suspension wire will slowly lengthen the length of the suspension wire, and the ductility will be affected to varying degrees. Influence, which requires users to make a comprehensive inspection and repair if they find that the state of the hanging wire is abnormal.
3. Check the patency of the connecting line
The laboratory clean room crane is usually connected to the laboratory wire. If the voltage is unstable, it will cause the crane to stop halfway, thereby slowing down the normal process of the test and slowing down the issuance of the final result. Therefore, the clean room It is best to check the connection of the crane before turning it on, and then continue after confirming that it is correct.
The main points of daily maintenance of laboratory clean room cranes include the three points mentioned above. No matter which aspect, users need to continue to uphold them. The factors that affect the overall function of clean room cranes are no more than the above three points. , so users should fully understand this part of the content when purchasing, so as to prevent future problems from not knowing how to deal with it.
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