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polyurethane J-Tube Seals for submarine protection system highly engineered

2020-07-29 05:29 click:301
polyurethane J-tube seal
  The J-shaped tube seal is used to seal the interface between the umbilical cord/flexible riser and the inside of the J-shaped tube, combined with a watertight seal that often introduces anti-corrosion agents. Our J-shaped tube seals are available for divers and divers. The installed solution. Our J-tube sealing solution is made of high-grade polyurethane, using split shell, modular structure manufacturing, easy to install. Typically, the J-shaped tube seal will be combined with a centralizer designed to accurately position the cable within the J-shaped tube seal during the pull-in process.
      Installed container-passive J-tube seal without diver;
      Installed container-diver activated J-tube seal;
      Diver-diver active J-tube seal installed.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.