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The benefits of bending restrictor without bolt

2020-07-30 02:50 click:353
No bolt bend restrictor:
  The range of bend limiters has been expanded to include true boltless limiters.
This innovative technology can greatly shorten assembly time, thereby greatly saving offshore installation costs.
Some existing products claim to be boltless, but in fact, none of them are actually. This boltless flow restrictor greatly reduces installation time and cost while maintaining industry-leading performance.
Benefits of boltless bend restrictors
     Fast installation time can save a lot of offshore costs
     Revolutionary bolt-free interlocking method, making full use of the strength of the material
     Excellent load capacity under long-term and short-term conditions
     Excellent heat resistance, especially important for long-term creep performance
     Significant savings in multiple unit costs
     Minimize the risk of sub-suppliers