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Used for various types of frame large machined parts and other workpiece turning machines that need to be turned

2020-10-22 03:03 click:504
Professional 90-180° frame load turning device, turning frame, chassis load turner, vehicle assembly turning, electric vehicle chassis turning, assembly turning,the most professional and reliable flip solution.
Excellent because of focus, the patented suspension type suspension load turner integrates many years of turning experience, and has carried out multiple turning equipment improvements to provide you with the most reliable and fastest turning solution!
The frame turning machine is mainly used for various types of vehicle frames, large machining parts, and other workpieces that need to be turned over. This product is not affected by the site environment and is suitable for on-site and field operations. It can be used with cranes and other lifting equipment to perform simple and effective turnover operations.
Our company has been continuously researching the turning process of large structural parts for many years, and has made many improvements to the turning device, which greatly reduces the turnover operation cost of the enterprise. The product is simple and effective, and the price is low, which enables enterprises to greatly improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. Add more competitiveness in the market!
Can be customized accroding to your needs.

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