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What is the main application of the polyurethane bending restrictor origin China

2020-08-12 05:14 click:634
The polyuretahne bending restrictor is a component installed around the umbilical cord or flexible part to prevent excessive bending of the cable and damage. Each umbilical cord or flexible cable has a minimum bending radius. Below the minimum bending radius, the cable may be severely damaged and cannot be used. The bend restrictor is composed of a number of interlocking elements that react when subjected to an external load and lock together to form a smooth bend radius. Choose the radius equal to or greater than the minimum bending radius of the cable to be protected.
     Bending restrictor and stiffeners are used for deep-sea drilling operations in offshore areas of the oil and gas industry. Bending stiffeners are made of polyurethane and have a conical design, which helps increase the local stiffness of risers, umbilical cables, and outlet pipes to limit curvature and bending stress to acceptable levels. They are used to protect flexible pipes from excessive bending at the terminal point. The bend restrictor is designed to prevent damage to the umbilical cable due to excessive bending. They balance the applied loads, which may deform the internal passages of the flexible riser, MUX line and umbilical cable, and are used to protect the flexible pipe from excessive bending during the installation or operation phase where static loads are generated.
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