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Application and production method of clean room hoist

2022-03-11 02:33 click:684

The dust-proof electric hoist for clean room includes a steel structure main beam, a running device connected with the steel structure main beam, a lifting device fixed on the steel structure main beam, and a hook connected with the lifting device device, and the electric control device used to control the operation of the clean electric hoist and fixed on the main beam of the steel structure, characterized in that the running device, the lifting device, the hook device and the electric control device are respectively located in the corresponding Inside the four closed shells, at the same time, a layer of inorganic anti-corrosion coating with anti-static powder inlaid on the surface is arranged on the outer surfaces of the steel structure main beam and the closed shell; the utility model has the advantages of simple structure. , Corrosion resistance, high dustproof level and can effectively prevent electrostatic adsorption.

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