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Application of frequency converter in European crane

2022-06-24 02:32 click:835
The development of frequency conversion control technology and PLC control technology provides favorable conditions for the frequency conversion control of European cranes.
The variable frequency speed regulation system of European crane has the advantages of fast starting and braking, stable starting process, stable and reliable operation, simple and flexible operation, high production efficiency, convenient system maintenance and high safety.
Europe type crane
When the hook of a European crane is lowered, the frequency converter will be subject to a high potential energy release process. In order to protect the frequency converter from damage, an energy consumption braking unit is added to protect the normal operation of the frequency converter. During braking, the discharge resistance and the internal active power loss of the motor are partially combined to form the braking torque, which is about 20% of the rated torque.
When the frequency converter is put into use, the setting of the functional parameters of the frequency converter is directly related to the proper cooperation between the frequency converter and the equipment operation. If a set parameter is unreasonable, the frequency converter may not work normally or cause the motor to overheat
And other abnormal conditions damage the electrical equipment.
Finally, pay attention to the fastening and moisture-proof of the frequency converter during operation to ensure the safe operation of the frequency converter.
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