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Application of KBK aluminum rail light-duty clean room crane in dust-free workshop

2022-03-09 04:11 click:498

Cleanrooms are classified according to the number of particles per unit volume in the air. The class of clean air is determined by measuring the concentration of particles. If the measured particle concentration value is less than the specified concentration limit for particles of the specified size, it is considered to be in compliance.

The particles can be in solid or liquid form. Certain particularly sensitive processes, such as evaporation from greases used in the production of individual components, can also have a detrimental effect. Lifting gear and trolleys used in cleanrooms must be specially designed and manufactured so that they do not generate particles during operation, especially from friction, corrosion or vibration. The light-duty crane composed of dust-free electric hoist and aluminum alloy track can be used in clean rooms up to 10,000-level.
The aluminum alloy track is used in the clean room. The surface of the aluminum alloy track is anodized and durable, which can prevent the surrounding environment from corroding and impacting, and effectively prevent the crane from producing particles due to corrosion. The aluminum alloy track has a low self-weight. The combination of the lightweight aluminum rail profile and the smooth running trolley makes the crane run extremely smoothly. Only a little force can make the load move and brake quickly, avoiding the crane generating particles due to vibration. KBK aluminum alloy rail crane adopts high-quality nylon walking wheels, which can be suitable for clean room without special measures.