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China Single/Double Girder Overhead Crane 10ton

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Wire Rope Hoist crane
Overhead Crane, Wire Rope Hoist, Overhead Crane 8t manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Single/Double Girder Overhead Crane (1t, 2t, 3t, 5t, 10t, 16t, 20t
The LD type of  overhead crane (also called bridge crane )is the most popular designing since the very beginning.  
Our annual turnout is 2,000 units for the whole market. The main girder adopts 6mm and 8mm thickness steel plate. Chinese workshop has a 1700mm clearrance above the rail, which is excellenct for the maintenance of the crane.  In some Middle East countries, the clearance is  less than this, and please indicate this data when you placing the order.
Steel Plate Cutting and Treatment
The board was cut by auto-cutting machine.
Main Beam
We reserve the concept of "safety factor", and remain the traditional main beam fabrication methord. Each of the beam is made by 6mm thickness of side board, and 8mm top and bellow board. 
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