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Clean room crane application industry

2022-03-31 03:42 click:757
Clean room crane application industry, clean room crane is a kind of crane equipment that is clean and dust-proof, clean electric hoist crane is a kind of crane suitable for dust-free environment, clean room crane is used in biological engineering, medical equipment, food , microelectronics, photovoltaics, injection molding, lithium batteries, semiconductors and other industries, the use of clean and clean elevators has played a protective role in some production workshops with high requirements, and some dust-free industries have higher requirements for cleanliness in workshop production, cleanliness The hoist crane meets the workshop's requirements for dust-free performance. The lifting equipment in the dust-proof workshop includes different forms of lifting equipment such as clean cranes, clean cantilever cranes, clean turning machines, clean KBK cranes, clean intelligent cranes, clean mobile gantry cranes!
Clean driving is used in food processing, special materials, pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, medical, aerospace, military, lithium batteries, photovoltaics, thin films, biopharmaceuticals and other industries. Some production links require a clean and dust-free production environment. The main beam of the  clean room crane is rigidly connected with the end beam, and the ends of the end beam are equipped with wheels to support the bridge to run on the elevated. Rails are welded on the main beam for the trolley to run. There are more typical structural types of bridge main beams, such as box structure, four truss structure and hollow truss structure.
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