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Customized custom polyurethane wheels that best suit your application needs

2020-10-22 03:37 click:504
To prevent polyurethane coated wheels from degumming, we need to follow the following principles:
1. Strictly select polyurethane materials, and choose the most suitable adhesive according to the use environment, different stress conditions and the material of the encapsulated parts. There are different types of adhesives. Different materials require different encapsulation processes. At the same time, there are differences between different suppliers. There are domestic and imported adhesives. Haideshi makes reasonable choices based on the actual situation of customers.
2. Roughly treat the surface and clean it carefully. Carry out sand blast cleaning treatment on the surface of the rubber-coated parts, and carry out careful cleaning to remove impurities, oil stains, and enhance adhesion.
3. The encapsulation process is mature and stable, and the operation is strictly in accordance with the company's quality system requirements and process documents. The temperature, pouring method and mold design details ensure the quality of the encapsulation.
Our team has decades of experience in the polyurethane industry and can help you customize custom polyurethane wheels that best suit your application needs. Various colors and hardnesses are provided for all polyurethane wheels to choose from, and customized polyurethane wheels with inserts or hub components can also be provided as needed.
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