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Daily Maintenance for Clean Room Crane Hoists

2020-12-15 02:37 click:467

Clean room suspension crane
The electrical equipment of the cleanroom overhead crane is an important part of the clean room suspension crane and the main power source for the cleanroom overhead crane. It is an important guarantee for the normal operation of the clean room suspension crane, so when we use the clean room bridge crane daily, we must also do the maintenance of the electrical equipment of the clean room suspension crane. 

So what are the maintenance tasks for the electrical equipment of the clean room suspension crane? 

Cleanroom Overhead Crane

1. Make sure to frequently inspect the wires and cables of the clean room suspension crane's electrical equipment for any signs of damage. If any damage is found, promptly wrap it up and replace the damaged wires or cables as needed.

2. Ensure that the control box, distribution box, brushes, and contact surfaces of the clean room suspension crane's electrical equipment are thoroughly cleaned to remove any dust or dirt.

3. Before using the clean room suspension crane and its various mechanisms, it is important to ensure that their power supply has protective functions like overcurrent protection, loss of voltage protection, short circuit protection, and zero protection.

4. Ensure the cleanroom overhead crane operation safely and reliably. Also, check the pendant control in a good condition. And the arc crater of the contact should be polished in time.

Apart from maintaining the electrical devices, the dust cover of electric hoists also requires inspection and replacement. Includes but not limited to checking whether the dust cover is broken. If it's broken, it's crucial to replace a new cover which helps maintain cleanness and hygiene.

Overhead crane hoists with dust cover is the most common lifting mechanism in cleanrooms. The basic structural system of the electric chain hoist for cleanroom use includes the main body of the electric hoist, a stainless steel integrated dust cover, an expandable accordion cover, chains, nylon wheels, stainless steel hooks, etc.

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