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Suitable for DRS traveling wheel boxes of small lifting systems

2019-10-17 02:57 click:388
The DRS 125 to 200 wheel block system, suitable for loads up to 10000 kg, is a concept designed to meet customer wishes. The advantages of the system are: • Most favourable ground clearance conditions with offset geared motors,High abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, good rigidity and light weight.
The wheels of the cable trolley are plastic or steel wheels with self-lubricating bearings and are maintenance-free for life.
Can be hung on the roof or upper steel structure. Low noise
Each cable trolley has a bearing capacity of 100 kg.
It is especially suitable for power supply of small lifting systems, monorail cranes, cranes, automatic logistics equipment and related tools.
The DEMAG DRS wheels are rugged and versatile. The single wheel box has a large load of 6.5 tons (speed up to 100m/min) and a high speed of 240m/min. Suitable for operation from -20 °C to +60 °C, it provides a fast and reliable ideal for engineers who want to create a personalized drive solution for driving applications.
Our products include the crane end carriage, KBK flexible combined cranes, jib cranes, single and double girder overhead cranes, suspension cranes, gantry crane, electric hoist, three in one buffering motors, forged wheels, crane accessories and other products. With a wealth of experience, professional design, to provide light weight wheel pressure is small, safe, reliable, high performance, energy efficient, to help customers save investment, improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption, reduce maintenance costs, and achieved good return on investment.