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Polyurethane coated wheels with excellent physical properties and various applications

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Furniture industry application:
1. Paint,
2. Coating,
3. Adhesive,
4. Sofa,
5. Mattress,
6. Seat armrest.
Household appliances application
1. Electrical insulation paint.
2. Wire and cable sheath.
3. Refrigerator, freezer, disinfection cabinet, water heater, etc. insulation layer.
4. Washing machine electronic device waterproof potting glue.
Construction industry application
1. Sealant,
2. Adhesive,
3. Roof waterproof insulation layer,
4. Cold storage insulation,
5. Interior and exterior wall coatings,
6. Floor paint,
7. Synthetic wood,
8. Runway,
9. Waterproof plugging Agent 10 plastic floor.
Transportation industry applications
1. Aircraft, automotive interior parts, seats, armrests, headrests, door inner panels, dashboards, steering wheels, bumpers, shock cushions, mudguards.
2. Carpet lining, paint 3. Thermal insulation parts, Pipeline 4. Seal gasket 5. Snow chain.
 Leather industry application
1. Inner and outsole of shoes.
2. Adhesive.
3. Leather finishing agent.
4. Artificial leather and synthetic leather coating Application in sports industry Plastic sports fields (including basketball, volleyball, badminton.
Polyurethane is an abbreviation for polyurethane.
Any polymer compound containing many repeating urethane groups on the polymer backbone is generally called polyurethane. It has excellent physics.
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