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The design of the bend restrictor allows safe and acceptable bends without compromising the integrity of the hose assembly

2020-07-08 04:38 click:210
Bend restrictor (BR), also known as vertebral bending restrictor (VBR), have been developed and designed to protect underwater pipelines such as offshore installations. Its construction prevents the cable from bending excessively when subjected to high loads. Mainly used for the outer layer protection of submarine cables/submarine pipes, suitable for submarine cable/submarine pipes crossover, over rock, landing and other submarine cable/submarine pipe protections that are easily affected by external factors such as wear, impact, squeezing, etc.
The design of our bend limiters allows safe and acceptable bends without affecting the integrity of the hose assembly.
Bend limiters come in a variety of sizes, can be adapted to hoses of various sizes, and are firmly installed at the end of hose assemblies where critical hoses and fittings are connected.
It is recommended to use bend restrictors for easy-to-handle hose assemblies, such as high-pressure cleaners, air, oil, and hydraulic fluid transmission hose assemblies.
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